Whether you're applying for your first car loan or your fiftieth, it's smart to brush up on your lending knowledge before beginning the process.
Scott Campbell Dodge is here to guide you through everything from credit scores to interest rates -- plus we'll teach you all of the insider tips that make lending simple!


Know Your Score

The first step to getting a loan for your next car, truck or SUV? Find out your credit score! What used to be a lengthy process is now as easy as downloading an app -- so get informed and learn how your score impacts your lending power. Read more here.



Lending for Students

Working with a smaller budget while you hit the books? Scott Campbell Dodge has smart options for students looking to get into a new ride in North Battleford. Talk with our Finance Team to discover how we help people in all price brackets find the right vehicle.


Options for Bad Credit

You have a past -- we understand. But did you know that getting a small auto loan can help build your credit back up to where you want it to be? That's right, by qualifying for financing, you can improve your debt status while also getting a new set of wheels. Contact us to learn more.


Rewards for Good Credit

Keeping your credit score high takes hard work. Scott Campbell Dodge will help you get the best interest rate possible to match your glistening record, so come to us before settling on the rate your financial institution quotes you.


Get Approved Today

Ready to get into your next vehicle? Contact our Financial Experts to schedule an appointment or begin your application online now! With flexible payment options and knowledgeable advisors at your fingertips, getting into your next car, truck or SUV has never been easier.



Educate Yourself

Scott Campbell Dodge is proud to offer Financial Seminars for both professionals and the general public! We cover all kinds of topics that help you become more money savvy in an ever-changing financial climate. Be sure to sign up below to attend our next event.